What is PUBG Mobile ? How to install And Play.


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“Player Unknown Battle Ground” as shortly known as PUBG. PUBG is developed by the ‘PUBG corporation’ with graphic partner South Korean video game company ‘Bluehole’. A huge fan-based world-wide player loving game, which won the player’s hearts of more than 5 million active players and 100 million downloads. The game is designed by the Ireland game designer named ‘Brendan Greene’ who is inspired by a Japanese movie ‘Battle Royale’ to create this wonderful adventurous survival game. PUBG Mobile is released on 23 March 2017 until it a was pc game that drives gamers crazy and entered the mobile gaming world and broken many gaming records.

PUBG has awarded with many awards like ‘The Game Award for Game of the year-2017’, ‘The Game Award for Best mobile game-2018’, and many more. PUBG Mobile is the highest revenue generated gaming company with $176.3 million according to the sensor tower in January 2020. 2018 the year in which the Tencent games released 2gb pub mobile game for pc. PUBG Mobile it’s a game that contains 100 live players and bots in-plane and with modes like solo/duo/squad. Selecting the mode before you the game is necessary and we have to choose one map to play form Erangel/Shanhok/Miramar/vikendi and a Warehouse map for TDM and its important to select the first person/third person view this plays a vital role in gaming. There are 5 servers namely Europe, North America, South America, Asia, KRJP and when the game is started and all the players are gathered to a temporary place(where all the players are roaming and scattering and fighting) within a few seconds players will be in-plane and after dropped out from the plane(player wish to where he want to land). The match continues we have to survive the battle. Search for the Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, and other attacking materials carrying them with other essentials like health kit, bag, etc. There are so many huge places where the number of players will drop to those places in each and every map.

PUBG Mobile has created a huge impact on Indian players. India is in the top position in active playing countries leaving behind the USA, Japan, South Korea, Russia. PUBG Mobile gaining users by giving massive updates, some of them are Halloween update, Zombie update. The PUBG Mobiles most of the revenue is generated by selling UC, Skins, Guns in every season to the players. It has many playing modes like TDM, Mini mode, Etc. PUBG Mobile took a huge step named PUBG Mobile fair game and Ban Notice on 21 Nov 2020 to avoid hackers who are ruining the fair gameplay, PUBG corporation worked on the hackers and banned them from playing for 10 years, there are finding the hackers, each and every hacker is getting notice from the PUBG corporation for violating the rules of PUBG.  Surviving this game is not so easy and not as expected and the winner is #1 will win the “Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner”. And it will provide us a bloody satisfaction and one thing every player believes “PUBG is not a game, it’s an emotion”.