How to improve your Gameplay in PUBG Mobile

TOP 5 Steps to Improve your Gaming skills

(Perfect-Gamer Needs Perfect-Handset)

How to improve your Gameplay in PUBG Mobile

1.    Training Mode:

Every beginner should train themselves to become a pro player. Get into training mode and train yourself both in TPP, FPP to stabilize your skill. Practice aiming, shooting, moving in fast or random clutch, fast reaction, grenade throwing, recoil, reload, perfect sniping, random moving, sliding, attacking or escaping using a vehicle. The above are our topics to discuss. I will provide you with more specifications. Practice makes PRO.

2.    Play Solo/Duo/Squad:

Surviving is not an easy task, PUBG is a survival game and surviving among 100 without getting killed needs skills. These are the tips you have to follow while surviving the game and practice Solo vs Duo matches, Solo vs Squad matches very well and winning solo matches makes you increase your gaming skills.

Tip-1 (Position): The position where you will make you survive the game. Enemy doesn’t rush on at once, so be at a place sitting or standing or sleep on the floor where they can’t even imagine that you will be there.

Tip-2 (Panic): Don’t panic yourself while a squad is nearby you just plan a strategy revealing their position to you and attack them in meanwhile be careful survival is your first priority.

Tip-3 (Sound): Sound plays a crucial role while playing PUBG and PUBG sound problem may disturb your gameplay, to avoid it make sure your PUBG sound settings are in control. If your headphones or earphones are of really bad quality you can’t help to improve your gaming skills unless you replace it with good sound quality headphones or earphones.

Tip-4 (Health): Some players ignore the PUBG health warning in PUBG while playing the game and get panic. It is very important to check out your health thoroughly while playing and use PUBG health kits, medicines, injections, energy drinks to improve your health and energy while playing.

Tip-5 (Map): Checkout map thoroughly and get to the safe, don’t stop moving. Enemies are one-step-ahead of you, so don’t get blindly go somewhere and be united with your team.

How to improve your Gameplay in PUBG Mobile

3. Teamwork:

You can play teams with random people or with your friends. When you are playing a PUBG duo/squad match you must be very careful. Don’t turn off your mic and speaker, stay connected with your team by maintaining some distance. Split up the quad into two teams after landing and loot up the place and continue your game by attacking and surviving. The best squad wins the game and gets a Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner.

4. Attacking:

There are many ways while attacking to survive till the end. They are:

  1.   Always move in Clutch. Play clutch in TDM, Deathmatches, Training.
  2.   Playing FPP makes you improve your Gameplay.
  3.   Getting control of recoil and zero recoil spray.
  4.   Perfect fast sniping. Improve the sniping skills to be one of the Pro in your squad.
  5.   Aim on the Enemy head and perfect aim can get a kill or knock out.
  6.   Throwing grenade. It’s important to throw it at the correct angle (when you are inside the building) or else it gets back to you and you will end up dead.
  7.   Fast tap shots.
  8.   Fast reaction.
  9.   Knock out the enemy with a vehicle.
  10.         Peak to Peak.

5. Perfect combination:

A perfect combination of guns is the best thing you’ve ever done in PUBG. It’s hard to win without a nice combination which covers close, medium, long-range distance. The best guns need their handles like scopes, suppressors, etc. They are:

  1.   DP-28 + AKM
  2.   KAR98 + M416
  3.   S12K + DP-28
  4.   M416 + AKM
  5.   DP-28 + MINI
  6.   VECTOR + M416
  7.   M416 + DP-28
  8.   M416 + UZI
  9.   M24 + M416
  10.   SCARL + AWM (Available from the drop)

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