How to fix lag in Pubg Mobile For Android and IOS


How to fix lag in Pubg Mobile

Nowadays pubg become the most popular game around the world it has official 29,256,697 Downloads. pubg mobile game has some bugs and lagging issues depending on device configuration Like ROM and processor. Here we fix the lagging issues on pubg mobile using some apps and tricks.How to fix lag in Pubg Mobile


Pubg Mobile Lag Fix Using gfx Tools

Q. What Is the Gfx Tool….?

A. Gfx tool is an Application that Maximus the performance and changes the system configurations according to pubg mobile requires to perform better gameplay and Using gfx tool you can unlock maximum Fps ( Frames Per Second ), increase your device resolution. Increase the load effect and many color effects.

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Q. Is my account will ban I use the Gfx Tool…?

A. Absolutely no,  I have been using the Gfx tool for 1year I didn’t get any ban notification and the Gfx tool is just a tool to increase your performance not a hacking tool or any bugs exploiter. Gfx tool is 100% Safe To Use.



  • GFX Tool for PUBG 


This Gfx tool is best of all gfx tools I have used till now with easy navigation and smooth interface. It has 4.5 ratings in google play store.Gfx tool has so many options like resolution, fps, graphics. It was developed by Tsoml. You can download the Gfx tool on Play store and a third-party website or official tsoml Website:


Download Gfx tool For pubg from Play store: Download

Download Gfx tool for pubg  apk directly: Download

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  • FlashDog – GFX Tool for PUBG


Flash dog is a Pretty good app it some unique features like loot locations and vehicle info and extra crosshair on-screen option which overlays on screen but it costs some heating issues and it has the same features as gfx tool for pubg app but it consumes more battery compare to pubg gfx tool. Because it has to be run background whole time you play pubg mobile. Expert heating and battery issue its a great application by features. 

You can download flash dog application form directly play store or apk file from the third party website


Download Flashdog – GFX Tool for Pubg from play store: Download

Download Flashdog – GFX Tool for Pubg  apk Directly: Download


Fix Pubg lag using Active.sav file and config files

Here are some files that you can change system configuration by replaces files in pubg data and OBB. Replacing the file makes your device temporary like high end you have to replace these files every time you will open pubg mobile. It’s a bit long process so I suggest the gfx tool for the lag fix. Some files may contain some virus be sure before download and replacing.

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If You have rooted android mobile then fixing lag is very easy.


If your device is rooted then open magsik manger and install GPU turbo module and reboot simply. And check your mobile gaming performance.  If your mobile doesn’t have magsik manager then install magsik manager installer from here and download the magsik and flash it. And here you get full gaming experience. 


If your mobile not rooted and you want root your mobile without any bricking or problem feel free to contact us on Instagram: @Twitdaily8