How to talk to your boss when you quit your job to avoid offending your boss

1. Before talking to your boss about your decision to resign
a. Do mental preparation work
The company is a collective, each individual’s decision affects the company and everyone. Your decision to quit will also affect your colleagues and company leadership. So, do the work of mentally preparing the people around you and especially the audience you are aiming for – your boss. You can give hints about your decision by sharing in advance some of the reasons why you decided to leave. For example, if you quit your job because you just had a baby and want to spend time with your baby and family, you could start by sharing the difficulties you face when you have to work and look after your baby, that you worry that work will be affected by his personal affairs. Depending on the reason for leaving, you will have the right signals for your leadership to somewhat predict your decision. This is the first step in the most ingenious ways to resign.

b. Prepare for the last beautiful hidden images
Work relationships are always valuable whether you stay or leave, your former colleagues will most likely become your partners in the future or become the people you can give useful professional advice. Therefore, even when you are about to leave, you still need to “keep warm” these relationships. Pay more attention to colleagues, the connection comes from the smallest actions, from intimate conversations or warm meals, to support when colleagues need in work or life. This is a way to create a good afterimage in the hearts of people who stay.

c. Looking for the right successor for your position
This is not required because depending on the company’s regulations, you need to give notice of your decision to quit at least 30 days in advance. However, if possible, you should recommend suitable personnel to replace you. This not only shows your responsibility with your old job, but also a gentle way to resign, your departure will not affect the general work. Not only that, introducing job opportunities to the right people is also a way to create good relationships, beneficial to your work and life later.
2. How to talk to your boss when resigning?
Once you’ve done the necessary preparation, you need to have a direct conversation with your boss about your decision to resign. Here’s how to talk to your boss when quitting your job skillfully, avoiding losing your boss.

a. Reason for leaving job
Although this is a frank conversation, tact and tact still need to be at the forefront if you still want to keep a good relationship with your boss. Even if your real reason is dissatisfaction with your boss, you shouldn’t act rudely or disrespectfully. First of all, please comply with the regulations on time and notice before leaving work for the exact number of days specified in the contract. Not only will this help you avoid penalties, but it will also give the company time to find a replacement. Then, politely state your reason, trying to find the most flexible and gentle way of expressing it.

For example, if you’re leaving your job because you found a better job, with better bonuses and benefits, you could share with your boss that you appreciate your current job, but you need a different environment. favorable conditions for self-development. Remember that we shouldn’t lie but we need to tell the truth in an artistic, intelligent way.
b. Promise
You are about to quit your job, why make a promise? The promise here is to assure your boss that you will get the rest of the work done. You will not because of the “about to leave” mentality, work superficially, not paying attention to the work. This shows that you are a responsible person for the job and the company.

c. Thank you boss before quitting
Whatever the reason for leaving, your boss is still someone who has been with you for a while. They are the ones who give you a lesson whether it is a memorable experience or an unpleasant experience. You can’t deny that every job teaches a lesson. So don’t feel difficult or forced to say thank you to your boss before you quit. This is the bare minimum of courtesy.

3. Things to do after the conversation
Complete the unfinished work. Please fulfill your promise to your boss, perfect the rest so that the final impression of you at the company is complete.
Complete administrative procedures: Write a resignation letter (Reference: Resignation form here), hand over work, supplies…
Farewell party: Depending on your relationship with your co-workers, they may organize a farewell party for you. However, if possible, you should still organize a small party that you pay for to say goodbye to colleagues or give them small souvenirs to make a good impression.

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