5 ways to build relationships at work

In order for the work to go smoothly, bringing high potential for advancement, it is indispensable for the support from social relationships. Building working relationships not only creates a productive working environment, but also fosters a positive spirit of cooperation. People-to-people connections both help us expand our relationships and are beneficial in a long-term situation of need.
The more diverse the network of relationships, the more career opportunities open up. For example, during times of financial hardship, it is these social relationships that come into play. Industry seniors or friends near and far will be happy to help sincere people by recommending jobs or even collaborating. Therefore, do not neglect to get along with colleagues and partners because maybe this will be the beginning of many new opportunities.

Reasons why you fail to open a relationship
The relationship-building process may be easier for extroverts who are good at communicating. However, the foundation of good relations also comes from a delicate, gentle and “precious and harmonious” manner. To build a successful relationship, first of all, you should consider whether you still make the following mistakes.

Broken promise
The habit of “eating without saying yes” not only causes work failure but also affects life. In relationship building, the worst thing is to break a promise because this is the beginning of misunderstandings, quarrels and breakdowns. Besides making promises, or lying, there are many other actions that show distrust. Typical examples are being late, delaying deadlines, being dishonest, covering up mistakes with many reasons “oh my god”…

Not sincere enough
As colleagues with each other without sincere treatment or sincere respect, it will be difficult for long-term cooperation. A sincere attitude is also considered a measure of employee value. Those who know how to live a friendly life and say no to office dramas will surely be liked by many people. Remember, the habit of false flattery, although it can “polish” oneself a little, will fade, not to mention the risk of being ostracized by the group.
Lack of trust
Building the right trust is also building a strong relationship. Belief in yourself and the group is the key to opening all good social relationships. If you lack confidence in your own abilities, you will have lower self-esteem than others, thereby becoming less productive and slow to progress. If there is a lack of trust in teammates, when working in groups, they are often divided, difficult to unite.

Bad communication
Communication skills always contribute a lot in building relationships. Without this skill, it will be more difficult for us to speak to our surroundings. As the folk have said “greeting is higher than the tray”, sometimes just politely greeting or asking colleagues and partners is enough to impress yourself. Communication is not only in the way of talking, but also “scoring” by friendly gestures, such as: shaking hands, body language, nodding/shaking the head at the right time…
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Learn to listen
Listen and understand colleagues to connect more with the team and learn more life stories. Moreover, if you are discussing a certain issue, you should listen carefully to make the right comment. Even if you disagree, you should be selective about not saying anything negative. Colleagues who listen to each other carefully will form good alliances, one complementing the other and so on.
Always be frank
Honest people will always be responsible for their own actions and words. In large meetings, management also often encourages its employees to give honest feedback. However, being frank does not mean openly criticizing others, but having to choose pleasant words to give suggestions. A person with this virtue will surely be highly appreciated by many colleagues because it is better to be “a bitter medicine to cure sickness, the truth is disheartening” than to give it a compliment.

Ready to cooperate
Building relationships means enhancing teamwork. Be proactive in all requests for cooperation and be serious about teamwork. A person who is smart and knows how to coordinate with the team will be “hunted” more every time there is a new project. Colleagues around, especially superiors, will evaluate your soft skills through your general working attitude. In addition, participating in group activities contributes to building deep relationships, not only in the work environment but also anywhere.

Honest words go hand in hand with honest actions. As a person of integrity, anyone who comes to know him feels confident. Once trust is established from the beginning, it will be easier to expand social relationships. Honesty is very valuable in business, easy to create sympathy and bring respect from many sources, especially in the eyes of competitors.

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