How to introduce yourself on the first day of work

1. Note when introducing yourself on the first day of work
1.1 Friendly and courteous attitude
There are many ways to introduce yourself to attract listeners. However, attitude is the first thing that helps you impress others. Should keep a friendly, polite attitude, not too hasty and hasty. The first day at work can make you very curious and nervous about everything. From whether your colleagues are friendly, whether your boss is difficult, etc. to whether you are good at your job. However, keep calm and always keep a good mood. Always smiling can make people around you feel easier to get to know you. Of course, not smiling too much will make you look unattractive. Always remember to say hello and thank you as this is basic courtesy when communicating.

1.2 Avoid using negative words
Maybe you are easily overwhelmed by emotions. The first day at work makes you feel more stressed than usual so you are also more sensitive. Don’t let that “blow out” to say a few negative words. Doing so can make your first impression ugly in the eyes of colleagues. In addition, do not use too many uncertain words such as “not sure, unlucky, …” because it shows that you are not confident and afraid.
1.3 Avoid bragging
When introducing, say the necessary information. To add more fun you can add a few funny sayings. However, absolutely do not brag. No one wants to hear someone who introduces himself but tells irrelevant, lengthy, and pompous stories about himself. Focus on your personal information and your vision at work. Honesty is always the most important thing. Speak honestly and people will fall in love with you in no time.

1.4 Listening and observing
Don’t just focus on expressing yourself on the first day of work, pay attention to listen and observe. When someone speaks to you, show that you are focused on them. Even when people discuss work problems or any related issues, listen attentively and take notes instead of being distracted. Many people use the excuse that the first day of work does not need to be too serious or focused on work. But a good attitude will help you a lot later on.
2. How to introduce yourself on the first day of work
2.1 Direct Introduction
Directly meeting and introducing yourself to people is the most common way and a common motif in the working culture of today’s companies. In order not to be confused and surprised, be prepared in advance. Except for those with good communication skills and eloquence, you should prepare what you need to say. Otherwise you will be prone to rambling or stammering. With such a “hello yard”, not only in the first working session you will be demoralized, but even your colleagues will not notice you.

Therefore, take notes on paper what you need to say. If possible, practice in front of a mirror at home. There will be no need to be as formal as in the interview, but it should also be smooth and natural to avoid causing loss of sympathy in the eyes of colleagues. Regarding the content, you can briefly talk about yourself and don’t be afraid to express your love for the job and the department where you work.

The last note so that the first day of work does not become a “nightmare” is to arrive on time. Even a little earlier to be prepared and look around.
2.2 Introduction via text message
Nowadays, most companies use online tools. The company usually works and exchanges mainly via Facebook, Skype, Zalo… You will be added to groups when starting work. For that, you’ll need to send a message to say hello and introduce yourself. This way, everyone will know who you are and what work you are in charge of for easy communication later.

It’s easier to text than to introduce yourself in person. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind. You should not abbreviate or use special symbols. Write clearly and use polite written language. If the working group has older siblings, avoid using the icon in the first place, maybe it will be normal after being so close. Initially, however, you should present a professional image at work and avoid talking too freely.
3. Self-introduction form for new employees or 2021
3.1 Model 1
“Hello everyone! I’m Linh, a new employee of the Product Research and Development Department. I have heard a lot about the outstanding work results of our R&D department and our “beautiful boys and girls” human resources. Hopefully in the future I will receive help from everyone! I would like to thank you.”

3.2 Model 2
“Hello, my name is Nguyen Hai Ly, born in 1998. I am a new full-time employee of PR – Marketing department. I was very happy and surprised when everyone held a party to welcome the new members. I hope we will always give each other a lot of attention like this in the future. In order to do a good job, I will definitely need more guidance from you

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