Compare between copywriter and content writer

What is a copywriter?
Copywriters are content creators to promote products/services and business images, thereby increasing brand awareness and recognition, boosting sales.

The job of copywriters is not just writing articles, but they have to be the ones to build ideas and convert those ideas into language and text forms. They are shown through advertising channels, radio, websites, press releases, leaflets, etc.
What is a content writer?
A content writer is a person who creates content to support marketing or business activities through SEO articles, PR articles, etc. to help customers understand products and brands. Content writers can write one or more different pieces of content, but they are all geared toward specific target audiences.
Similarities between copywriter and content writer
Whether they are copywriters or content writers, they are all people who work on ideas and content creation towards the ultimate goals of a business’s marketing strategy. The ultimate meaning of marketing strategies is to generate sales, but not so that the information conveyed is allowed to be false or untrue. The task of copywriters and content writers is to create original content, thereby building trust with customers and supporting effective business operations.

Another similarity between copywriters and content writers is the job requirements. In terms of the criteria required to meet the job position, both copywriters and content writers need in candidates qualities such as creativity, wide vocabulary, the ability to grasp customer psychology and be proficient in information. at the same time, they must all be knowledgeable about the product and the field in which they write.

What is the difference between a copywriter and a content writer?
Differences in work
If the content writer is the one who generates the traffic, then the copywriter is the position that turns the traffic into sales. That means the content writer’s job is to write SEO articles, build affiliate content, and copywriters do content for facebook ads, Sale papes, Email campaigns…

Differences in writing purposes
The purpose of a content writer’s writing is to reach the public, create trust in the public and turn them into potential customers. Specifically, they will provide important and truthful information about the product through creating content on the fanpage, website or PR articles. Thereby increasing customer interaction with the brand and helping them remember and form habits about products and brands of the business.

As for copywriters, their aim is to support sales activities and increase sales. Through advertising, TVC content, Viral … to convince customers to buy products, help customers see the attractiveness and benefits that the product brings to come to a purchase decision.

Differences in spelling
Content writers often write in a diverse and new direction. They update the trends of the media or the product market to create content that suits the tastes of users.

Copywriters go deep into the product, they focus on the values ​​and information that customers expect about the product. Therefore, the content that copywriters often touch on customer insight.

Differences in writing form
Content writers often have to write comprehensive content, provide full product information to post on fanpage, website, or PR articles, product introduction articles, etc.

For copywriters, they are often the ones who create content for TVCs, Brochures, brand names, product slogans, etc. These things often require short but really profound. Therefore, in terms of form, content writers have to write much longer content than copywriters.

Should I be a copywriter or a content writer?
There will be no advice on whether you should be a copywriter or a content writer. Because in fact, every job has its own interesting things, all of which bring value to the business. If you’re hesitating between these two positions, consider your abilities and interests. On that basis, you can choose the right job. Only when you are really capable and passionate enough can you work with excitement and efficiency.

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