Job description of the 3 most detailed hotel intern positions

What is a hotel intern?
Internship in the hotel industry is a job position for students, intermediate, college to university students who have basic knowledge of the industry, want to start approaching real work and working processes. in hotel. Normally, businesses will recruit hotel interns from year 2, year 3, even from year 1. An internship usually lasts from 3 to 6 months and interns will be rotated through 2-3 departments, mainly departments: Reception, Room Room and Restaurant – Kitchen
Detailed description of 3 hotel intern positions
Intern at the Hotel Reception department
Reception is one of the most important parts of the hotel, because this is the position in direct contact with customers, providing customers with services related to their stay. The customer’s impression of the service at the hotel mostly comes from the position of the front desk. The hotel reception has many differences with the office reception and is divided into 3 small departments with specific tasks as follows:

Reservation: Receive booking information from customers, check information, process booking on the system and confirm with customers.
Reception: Responsible for welcoming, checking in – checking out procedures, handling requests, complaints, etc. of customers during their stay at the hotel.
Cashier: Responsible for handling payment procedures for customers, including checking check-out and check-out information, summarizing services that customers have used during their stay, printing invoicing and receiving payments. At hotels with 3 stars or less, the reception department will usually take the position of cashier when receiving check-out procedures.
What is special about the reception at 5 star hotels?

Particularly for 5-star hotels, the reception also includes the following 2 parts

Switchboard (Operator): This is the department responsible for receiving calls to the hotel and handling internal calls to serve customer requests such as: door-to-door food service, news calls wake up according to the appointment time of the guests staying,…
Customer communication, including doorman (Doorman), baggage officer (Bellman), customer support staff in the lobby (Concierge), customer relations officer (Guest relation officer) ), staff at the customer service center (Business center), travel support staff (tour desk), driver staff (Driver), …
Intern in the Room Department
The housekeeping department (Housekeeping) includes the following jobs: housekeeping, laundry, linen storage, public cleaning, etc. The main job of hotel interns in the housekeeping department includes specific jobs such as: after

Clean the room, ensure the hotel’s standards after the previous guest check out and before the next guest check in
Check the room when guests check out, list the items used by the guest for the reception
Keep track of the daily work assignment and the list of rooms with guests staying, perform the assigned tasks according to the correct process.
Monitor public areas such as lobby, hallways, etc. of the hotel to be always clean
Monitor and report any damage or damage in the living room and in public areas
Keep tools and equipment in stock.
Intern in the restaurant department – hotel kitchen
At the Food and Beverages (F&B) department, the intern’s duties will include the following tasks:

Clean tables and prepare eating utensils, linens, etc.
Introduce, answer questions and consult menu for customers
Receive orders from customers
Keep the work area clean
Work in the Kitchen (Kitchen) department of the intern:

Prepare all the ingredients and tools for the Main Chefs to prepare the dishes
Food prep
Support the Chef during the whole cooking process
Give the food to the next staff according to the order received
Clean and keep the kitchen area neat and clean; Place equipment and tools in the correct position.
Is the hotel Internship high salary?
The salary for the position of hotel intern in the department usually ranges from 2-5 million VND/month depending on the size of the hotel, workload, foreign language ability, etc. In addition to salary, internship At hotels, lunch/dinner will usually be provided.

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