Questions to ask recruiters to increase your chances of getting hired

Why is it important to ask the interviewer questions?
Communication is always a two-way process with feedback and interaction. Interviews are one such form of communication. In addition to listening and answering questions from the employer, the fact that you ask questions back to them shows that you are proactive, helping to increase the interaction for the interview. Thinking and asking the questions you should ask the employer is the process of thinking and thinking about the job you are applying for. From there, recruiters can see the candidate’s level of awareness and sharpness through the questions you ask.

Not only that, recruiters often come into contact with a lot of candidates and often have to hear the same answers over and over again. So, asking an interesting, intelligent question is an effective way to impress the employer.
Questions to ask recruiters
Questions about the company
This is one of the questions you should ask in an interview because it shows your desire to work and stick with the company for a long time, what you need is not only a good salary but a long career. long, stable.

Here are some questions you can ask about the company:

Could you tell us the development direction of the company in the next 5-10 years?
Please tell us the strength of our company?
What major products does the company plan to develop in the future?
Questions about the position you are applying for
The following questions will help you better understand the nature of the job you are applying for. To avoid unfortunate misunderstandings later, you should directly ask the employer about the job responsibilities that you will be responsible for, about your direct manager. Eg:

What are the key requirements for the ideal candidate for this position?
To help me better understand the job, please tell me the responsibility, success, including shortcomings of the person who has taken this job before?
Please tell me who will be my direct boss?
If accepted into this position, will I travel often?
Find out the activities of the departments
These questions will help you better understand the company structure and the departments you will work in after a successful interview. This is also one of the list of questions to ask the employer. You can ask the following questions:

I want to know how many departments in the company? Please indicate the relationship between these departments.
What role will my department/department play in the overall development of the company?
Please tell me about the outstanding success of the department that I will join (if given the opportunity) in recent years?
Questions to express your desire to develop your career
Every employer wants to know if the candidate is enthusiastic about sticking with the company or not. Therefore, you should “hit” that mentality through questions that show your enthusiasm and enthusiasm with questions like these:

If hired for this position, what goals do I need to accomplish in the next 12 months?
Who will be the person to directly evaluate my capacity and work performance? How often does that assessment take place?
With these interview questions for employers, you can assess the role and importance of the job you are applying for, determine the direction of development and advancement opportunities in the company. From there, you can make the right decisions when finding the right job for you. At the end of the interview, don’t forget to thank the interviewer sincerely and ask the interviewer, “May I get back to you? are not?” It is a question that shows that you are very interested in the opportunity to work with the company. Wishing you a very successful interview. Please refer to the interview experience here.

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