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Did you know that the epidermis of our skin regenerates once every 28-30 days. But this process will slow down as we get older.

This will cause dead cells to accumulate on the skin’s surface longer, hindering the appearance of new cells. Over time, your skin will no longer be the same color as before and this is also the first sign of skin aging.

Sign 2: Large pores

When you turn 25 years old, the production of important proteins slows down. Skin will appear relaxed, the production of new fibers will slow down, making pores gradually enlarge.

Sign 3: Dry, rough skin

Anyone wants to have a plump, smooth skin. But the condition of dehydrated skin is always dry, rough and pale again and again does not decrease, aging is preparing to attack your skin at all times.

Therefore, pay attention to the following signs so that you can promptly detect and fix them as soon as possible such as dry skin, white dust in the outer epidermis, or makeup without powder. … Because once the skin has been dehydrated and dry for a long time, there will inevitably appear wrinkles and the skin will be sagging, losing aesthetics.

Sign 4: Fine wrinkles

Speaking of aging, wrinkles are the “key” to easily say that your skin has truly entered the anti-aging journey. Wrinkles will usually appear in positions such as forehead, corners of the mouth, eyebrows, eyes …

These are signs that the collagen and elastin content of connective tissue is reduced, causing the skin to lose elasticity. You can verify this more accurately by pinching an area of ​​skin with two fingers for a few seconds and then releasing it. If your skin takes a long time to return to its original state, it means you are experiencing premature aging.

Sign 5: Melasma, darkening of the skin formed

Following signs of wrinkles on the face, is the skin pigmentation spots, dark spots begin to form with many different causes. However, the main reason is still too much skin exposure to the sun.

Specifically, the decreased activity of enzymes in the skin accelerates the keratinization process. UVA and UVB rays in the sun, when exposed, cause the body to concentrate on producing melanin pigment. From there, the pigment melanin gradually rises on the surface of the skin, forming spots, spots, infiltrated plaques to form pigmentation, darkening of the skin.

Besides paying attention to the 5 warning signs that your skin is being attacked by skin aging, you should also learn how to effectively prevent this problem. Since then, skin aging will have no reason to make it difficult for you and especially the aging process will come to you more slowly than usual.

Tomato-pure honey mask rejuvenates the skin

Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene, giving you pink, radiant skin, and tomatoes are also a “natural sunscreen” that helps protect your skin from UV rays.

Honey has skin-lightening properties and even skin tone. In addition, it is considered a natural moisturizer. Just persistently apply this brightening mask for half a month, ensuring rapid improvement in skin tone.

Honey’s antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties will help protect the skin from bacteria, helping to destroy and prevent acne. Besides, another great use of honey is to fade scars, dark spots and slow skin aging.

Therefore, tomato combined with honey is a formula that is evaluated as a natural whitening mask for any difficult skin.


A half of tomato.

1 tablespoon of honey


Step 1: Sauna expands skin pores, helping to increase nutrient absorption.

Step 2: Grind tomatoes and mix well with honey. Apply this smooth, glowing skin mask on your face for 15 minutes to allow the mixture to penetrate deeply into the skin. Finally, rinse with cold water.

How to make natural white pink facial skin at leisure apply 3 times a week to quickly own pink white skin.

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