“Shaking the world”: Journey of tomatoes (part 2)

To the revolution that proves tomatoes are the fruit of love
The person who cleans the tomatoes from black name, in other word the author of the revolution that turn tomato into food is Thomas Jefferson. The whole family is said to have devoted themselves to the propaganda about the benefits and the taste of this red berries.

Jefferson planted tomatoes in the garden, his daughter and granddaughter used the tomato to add flavor and color to the variety of dishes. The later generations of the Jefferson family also inherited this recipe and continued to promote tomatoes through cooking.
In just 10 years after, by 1824, tomatoes had been cultivated by many people and introduced into everyday meals.
When it was first introduced in the 1850s in Europe, unlike the America, tomatoes immediately attracted the devotees here.
The French called it “pomme d’amour” meaning “apple of love,” and the Germans named it “the apple of paradise”. But only after it became popular in the US, tomato actually became one of the most famous fruits.
The popularity of tomato rapidly developed in the 1900s and it has kept the high position among the fruits until now.
In the twentieth century, the growing popularity of tomato soup, juice and sauces, fruit salad and pizza turned tomatoes into the most popular fruit on Earth. Billions of tons of tomatoes are produced each year, more than the amount of apples, bananas, grapes and oranges combined.
Not only having the great taste, easily combine with other foods, the tomato is renowned for its health benefits. Tomato is a fruit rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, voted the best fruit for dieters.
Tomatoes are good for the heart, blood circulation, antioxidants and also cancer prevention. A study has been conducted to demonstrate that removing tomatoes from the diet increases the likelihood of osteoporosis in women.
With the same great taste and benefits, tomatoes have been referred to as a “magic fruit”. So far, tomatoes have always held a high position in the fruit production and consumption rankings of most countries in the world.
Imagine a day without tomatoes, many would find that it is worse than a non-technological world!

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